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Plexus is a wellness company specializing in nutrition and weight loss supplements. They turned to Drive Marketing to revamp their consultant starter kits. The challenge arose in creating hundreds of thousand starter kits for new wellness consultants. When producing large volumes, being economic is critical. Our team was determined to create a custom experience without sacrificing quality.


In order to accommodate the large demand of starter kit boxes needed, we took a two pronged approach. Our team designed the boxes to ship flat from our over seas team and assembled by our on-site team. This allowed us to create and ship large volumes in a economical way while providing the customization the client wanted. Once the boxes were received by our Utah team, they could be stored in a condensed fashion until needed. At that time, they’d be built, showcasing the contents in a way designed to create a visual experience for the recipient. Our design capabilities coupled with our fulfillment services, we provide a one stop source to our clients. We are able to manage the design manufacturing, and distribution process.


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